Real Estate – Basic Factors to Consider

The real estate has always been a huge business. With the growth of the world population and urbanization, the real estate business is booming incessantly. It is the one and only thing guaranteed to bring you money, depending on where you are investing of course.

Real Estate in Cities

The price of housing in most modern cities regardless of the western or eastern world has gone immensely through the roof. Since we buy houses, cities tend to provide more opportunities for people to find jobs, and with the massive industrialization and digital age, they are the preferred spot for young people. In some cities (mostly American) the suburbs are the priciest real estate where the rich people live, well protected from the chaos of the city center. In others, mostly European, it is the other way around. As you explore Paris, you will find that the city center is the beautiful spot where the price of real estate is unbelievably huge while the suburbs accommodate the poorer part of the population and are often referred to as the ghetto.

Real Estate in the Country Side

Many people, mostly middle-aged and retired prefer to escape the busy and loud environment in cities and move to a house in a village. Or even own a farm. These types of real estate are a cheaper option as there aren’t nearly as many people as populated city areas and suburbs.


The generation X and the baby boomers before them had the luxurious opportunity to afford to actually buy real estate. Sometimes even more than one, Of course, everything is relative depending on your location, but generally, the gen Y and Z have very little hope of owning or getting to afford a real estate on their own since the prices have sky rocketed so much in the past decades. That’s where the banks come in which end up kicking you out on the street with no remorse if you don’t manage to pay out your debt in time.

What’s driving the Price Up?

One may argue which factors are the main driving force behind the huge prices of real estate – is it the rapidly growing population on Earth, is it the scarce resources that have left on this planet or is it the banks and those people on top – the REAL estate players on the market who play with the REAL money. A more viable conclusion is that maybe it’s all of the above-mentioned factors. Interestingly enough, the ever growing sea level does not affect the prices of real estate on coastline cities, even though 80% of them worldwide are projected to sink under the water by 2050.

Miami is one example and while the sea level is undoubtedly rising as you read this article the prices on the beaches for real estate are at its highest point. The mayor is trying to keep investors in the loop and a lot of the money for the real estate is used in building dams and other technology to pump the water out. So we are left with the funny situation where the people are the ones who pay for staying afloat and having a luxury beach house.